Product Services

SmartTFM Lead Generation
Every company has an objective to expand their customer base and revenues. To do that, we need more customers and more qualified leads. With TenFour Marketing’s SmartTFM Lead Generation Software, your company’s potential for more customers, higher revenues, and recognizable response will significantly increase. Learn More about SmartTFM Lead Generation

SmartTFM Nurture System
How many of your customers and potential customers fall through the cracks today? Can your company leverage its data and keep track of customer interests and responses? With TenFour Marketing’s SmartTFM Nurture System, you will know the instant a customer or prospect shows any degree of interest in your company. That insight can greatly enhance your ability to nurture these individuals from interest to sale. Learn more about the SmartTFN Nurture System

SmartTFM Cross Sell Systems
Does your company have easy access to information to be able to up-sell and cross sell, based on your customers needs and interests? With TenFour Marketing’s SmartTFM Cross Sell System, the opportunity to influence greater sales of additional products and services will greatly increase. Your sales team will be able to leverage both knowing their customers interests and opportunities to upsell. Learn more about SmartTFM Cross Sell Systems

SmartTFM Event Marketing Systems
Events are often vital in developing your customer base. How do you know when the right people have been reached? When and if they attend your event? How often does the message of your event fail to reach the right people at the right time? With TenFour Marketing’s SmartTFM Event Marketing System, your company will improve its ability to make the right people aware of your event and get more of those people to attend your event. Learn more about SmartTFM Event Marketing