Overview: A global multimedia corporation recognized the potential to sell new products to identified prospects. Those identified prospects had previously expressed interest or responded to a prior campaign. Their goal was to increase the opportunity pipeline using continual quarterly touches, each increasingly more relevant, by implementing a Nurture platform and architecture.


  • One key goal was to position themselves as a trusted source/advisor, and not hard sell their prospects.
  • The prospects represent several different vertical markets.
  • In the past, the lack of a lead qualification process mismatched sales efforts to prospect’s level of interest.

Solution: The Nurture platform delivered personalized and vertically relevant newsletters, designed to nurture the prospect through the marketing pipeline until they were ‘ready to buy’. Each article in the newsletter directed the recipient to their personalized website. Each landing page delivered information and articles relevant to their vertical, detailing the company, products, services, and industry news. Each link and action within the website was tracked so that at the time the prospect indicated they were ready to buy, sales would initiate contact.


  • Vertical segmentation allowed for relevancy in both the message and the offer to these prospects.
  • With new insights gained from tracking activity on each individual landing page, subsequent newsletter issues become increasingly more relevant.
  • As this program continues, the sales channel is more confident and more effective with the leads because their prospects are ready to buy.