Overview: A global IT services and business consultancy company wanted to generate demand for its SAP products and services. Their target was to create a $20 million sales pipeline within the United States using a single campaign. They were looking for new customer accounts so they selected a lead generation campaign.

Challenge: They had to reach high level senior executives in varying roles across multiple verticals. A limited budget only allowed them a single lead generation campaign.

  • Their starting point was a generic Fortune 1000 list that had to be refined.
  • They needed both print and electronic communication to reach CIO’s and other IT executives.
  • The relevance of the copy and strength of the call to action were critical to get busy executives to respond

Solution: The Lead Generation system allowed the organization to deliver two touches of personalized and relevant print and email collateral to the Fortune 1000 executives. Within the four segments the focus was primarily IT and Finance executives, director-level and above. The additional segments included HR and Operations executives.

The campaign generated four specific role based messages. Each message was personalized to the individual and relevant to their role. And each communication directed these executives to their personal landing page. On their landing page they were able to read relevant articles based on their role, identify their interest in more information, and/or request a meeting.


  • Response rate – 5.7%, suggesting very high interest in working with the organization.
  • Lead Volume – over 700 response leads with a 40% conversion (offer download / engagement) rate.
  • Revenue Opportunities – $70 million in pipeline from that campaign, $50 million above the initial goal.