Overview: A leading Database Marketing firm spends a large percentage of its budget every year securing annual conference registrants. They wanted to conduct a test to measure the cost and effectiveness of sending generic printed brochures vs. electronic vs. personalized communications. Test components included:

  • Send two printed conference brochures, approximately a month apart.
  • Send one printed conference brochure.
  • Send a personalized postcard directing the recipient to an individualized landing page with an online conference brochure.
  • Send an email with a link to the conference registration site.

Challenge: Determine which method of lowering costs will not affect conference attendance or negatively impact company profit.

Solution: An automated Event Marketing system enabled the organization to mark the recipients from each test component. The materials and emails were sent out and all information was tracked, measured and displayed on the dashboard.


  • The recipients of the personalized postcard with an individual landing page generated a paid registration efficiency 1.5 times greater then those in the test group receiving the two printed brochures.
  • The group receiving 2 of the printed brochures registered in greater numbers then those receiving 1 copy.
  • Email respondents were highest for this audience but the organization had a very small percentage of opt-in email addresses available.


  • Email had the highest response and registration rate. Our studies have shown that personalized and relevant emails would have an even higher response rate.
  • The personalized postcard had the highest ROI of any test group. It had a low cost with the highest paid registration efficiency for the greatest number of respondents.
  • Ongoing, the company is expanding their test of the personalized postcards. More than half of their database will receive personalized and relevant postcards leading recipients to an individual landing page and a downloadable, online brochure.